Redtail Welcomes Dylan Ewald to the Team

October 14, 2020

Redtail Welcomes Dylan Ewald to the Team

LONGMONT (October 14, 2020) – Redtail Overland, creator of the world’s first hard-sided rooftop camper, the carbon fiber Redtail RTC, is excited to announce the addition of its first employee Dylan Ewald. The addition of Dylan to the team coincides with the kickstart of production units and signals a major milestone in the growth of the company. 

Redtail Co-Founders Ty & Annie Tatro worked alongside Dylan in their past careers at luxury off-road vehicle manufacturer EarthRoamer and know firsthand Dylan’s talent and integrity. The former Service Manager for EarthRoamer, Dylan brings with him a wealth of knowledge in the industry with 10+ years in the overland world and in-depth fab, production and service experience. His love of off-roading and back country exploration, paired with mad skills on the shop floor and the same work hard, play hard philosophy that is the cornerstone of the Redtail ethos, make Dylan a perfect fit for the Redtail Overland team and culture.

“When we thought through our wishlist of the perfect first hire for the Redtail team, we quickly determined Dylan checked all the boxes. His integrity, eye for detail, skillset and work ethic will be invaluable as we launch this next phase of the business.” -Annie Tatro, Co-Founder, Redtail Overland

The start of production units turns the page for Redtail, from final design tweaks and prototyping of parts to production and assembly of the first ever hard-sided rooftop camper, the Redtail RTC.



Redtail Overland strives to be a leader in innovation within the overlanding industry by designing and manufacturing products that refuse to be typical, and that enhance the user experience while exciting the imagination. They create purposeful, intuitive and elegant overlanding products using only the highest quality components. It’s not a race to reach the biggest market, but a thoughtful process driven by a passion for design, intended for those seeking both beauty and function in the products they buy.


Founded in 2020 by husband and wife team Ty & Annie Tatro, Redtail Overland was formed by a desire to improve their own rooftop camping experience. Together, they possess a combined 18 years experience at luxury overland vehicle manufacturer, EarthRoamer. Ty was the President and co-owner of the business while Annie directed the sales and marketing. During their years working with luxury off-road vehicles, they were personally camping out of a bare-bones rooftop tent. They became well-versed in the inherent benefits and drawbacks at each end of the overland spectrum and realized they were uniquely positioned to know how to meld the best elements from each.

The ease and mobility of rooftop camping spoke to Ty and Annie’s style of remote backcountry adventure, but the comforts and security they’d experienced in larger RVs called to them as well. They found nothing that existed in the middle without limiting their mobility and decided to fill the void by creating something completely new in the overlanding world – a hard-sided rooftop camper (RTC). 

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