RTC Summit - $1,000 Reservation Deposit

The RTC Summit - For the Adventure Icon. Starting at $29,000

Orders are closed for 2022. Reserve a 2023 Redtail RTC production position with a non-refundable US $1,000 deposit.

To reserve your 2023 RTC, select your size and options from the drop-down menus, and submit a non-refundable $1,000 reservation deposit. Your reservation deposit goes towards your total purchase price when you convert your reservation to a firm order.

We will contact reservation holders when orders open again sometime in 2022 and you can choose to convert your reservation to a firm order or cancel at that time. For more information about our reservation process, please review our Reservation Agreement or contact us.


rt 90 / rt 110 dimensions

 RT 90 RT 110
Exterior closed: 90” x 56” x 13”
Exterior closed: 110” x 60” x 13”
Exterior open: 90” x 56” x 60”
Exterior open: 110” x 60” x 65”
Interior living space: 82” x 53” x 57”
Interior living space: 101” x 57” x 62”


 RT 90

RT 110



SOLAR: 270 Watts

SOLAR: 380 Watts

BATTERIES: 60 Amp Hour Lithium

BATTERIES: 60 Amp Hour Lithium

Specs Page: Review the RT 90 and RT 110 dimensions and weight

Trim Level Comparison Chart: Review the features of our three trim packages.

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