Comfort and Security - No Compromise!

October 16, 2020

Comfort and Security - No Compromise!

Have you ever camped in a rooftop tent (or any tent) in the rain, snow or freezing cold? 🙋‍♀️ If you have, you probably found yourself in the dark with the opaque fabric windows zipped closed, damp, chilly and hunkered down until you could ventilate and dry out again. Or maybe you just packed up and went home.

Alternatively, have you ever camped in an rtt/tent and heard a scary noise at night? Maybe the growl of an unknown beast or the scratching of a yeti against the soft canvas? Or maybe your travels ran late and you had to resort to a Walmart parking lot for the night, and feel a bit unsettled with strangers lurking around. If so, you probably found yourself in the dark again, with the opaque canvas windows shut tight which means now you can't see whatever might be making that noise - tree branch or Sasquatch?

We’ve been there.

That’s why we designed our hard-sided Rooftop Camper (RTC) with huge transparent, impact-resistant, locking polycarbonate windows for tons of natural light and unobstructed views, even in bad weather or when you need to lock down for security.

Flip on the exterior RTC lights from your phone or the control panel inside the camper and take a peek through crystal clear windows to see that Sasquatch is simply scratching his back on your truck. Or cozy up and watch the storm clouds roll across the mountains, the snow falling gently outside, or the Milky Way take shape on a crisp clear night while you stay warm, dry, well-lit and comfortable inside.

Either way, you'll be safe and secure within solid walls and hard windows - all good things for a better night's sleep.

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