Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Yes! We provide installation at our shop in Longmont, Colorado (remote installation options also available upon request) and are happy to work with you to create the perfect setup. We will assist you with determining which RTC model is best suited for your vehicle as well as assist you with selecting and ordering the best bed rack, topper or other mounting solution, if additional components are required. If you have accessories you want wired to the RTC, like a fridge or lighting, we can help with that too. 

If you are having a vehicle custom-built, we are more than happy to work with your builder to ensure the RTC is accounted for in the build. For example, a custom van build can be greatly enhanced by adding a permanent pass-thru for access to the RTC from inside the van. We can help facilitate things like this along with other unique applications.  

We are sold through 2023 and have not announced pricing for 2024 yet. 

Every Redtail RTC is built-to-order and handcrafted locally in Longmont, Colorado.

We don't just assemble components at our shop, we actually design and manufacture many of our components in-house to ensure they meet our high standards, and yours.  

The Redtail 110 is our most spacious option, with room for two adults and two kids. We recommend the Redtail 110 for full size trucks with an appropriate bed rack or topper, larger SUVs, vans and adventure trailers. 

The Redtail 90 is more compact with room for two adults to sleep comfortably. We recommend the Redtail 90 for mid-size SUVs and beyond. 

Please note that the RT 110 is BIG. It is larger than any other clamshell style RTT on the market and may look too wide on smaller SUVs or vehicles with a narrow roof. The RT 90 is quite spacious with a footprint on par with most other full size clamshell RTTs. 

Always refer to your vehicle and roof rack maximum load ratings. 

Please view our specs page for dimensions and other important information: Specs 

The weight of your Redtail RTC depends on the size and trim level you select. Please visit our Specs page for details. 

Yes. We will be offering a Redtail Overland Wiring Kit which includes a smart charger to ensure the lithium battery bank is charged properly and not damaged. Professional installation recommended. We will handle the wiring at installation, upon request.

Yes. A system of screens and shades is included.

Yes, a telescoping ladder is included.

Maybe. This depends on whether your vehicle is equipped with a sunroof or other pass-thru, and the relationship between any roof rack and the sunroof/pass-thru. Please contact us to discuss.   

Yes. The diesel heater is a completely separate unit with its own auxiliary 2 gallon fuel tank. The tank is equipped with a quick release hose that easily connects to the fuel inlet port on the side of your Redtail RTC. When in use, the fuel tank attaches conveniently to an integrated mount on the RTC. 

If you do have a diesel vehicle, you have the option to plumb the heater directly to your factory diesel fuel tank.  

Nope! The apps work off Bluetooth, no cell service or wifi is required. You can also control the lights with a physical touchpad and view your battery status with the built-in display.  

We provide a 3 year warranty on the structure, all components we manufacture, and on the installation of all components. During the 3 year warranty period, we will help facilitate any warranty issues on third party products which are covered under separate OEM warranties.

Please contact us and we can often trouble-shoot and resolve issues remotely. Or, you can make an appointment to visit our shop in Longmont, CO for service.  

It's all about weight and strength (the badass carbon fiber aesthetic is a bonus!).

The Redtail RTC is not a simple RTT. It is a full featured roof top camper offering the security and amenities of a hard-sided trailer, similar to a teardrop. The weight of hard walls, double pane windows, insulation and features like integrated batteries, heater, lighting, wiring, etc. adds up quickly. Any material other than carbon fiber for the shell would be too heavy to allow all these features and remain viable as a roof top camper. Carbon Fiber is featherlight, extremely strong, and allows us to keep the total weight of the RTC in check.

Right now, we only sell factory direct in the US. We expect this to change as we grow. Stay tuned!

If you still have questions, please contact us at or call us at 303-485-1879