Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

When mounted on a full size truck, the Redtail Skyloft is the next evolution of rooftop camping, combining the nimble freedom of a rooftop tent with the comfort and security typically only found in larger campers. With amenities like secure hard walls, insulation, heater, windows, lighting, inverter, plush mattress and more, the Skyloft is more akin to a teardrop trailer than an rtt.

When mounted on a van with our innovative pass-thru, the Skyloft becomes a truly four-season master suite upstairs, opening up the space below for families, more gear, and a wider variety of layouts.

Watch the detailed walk-thru video on our homepage for more info about the electronics systems, heating, lighting, offgrid power and more.

We have not released pricing for the Skyloft yet but you can expect it to be significantly higher than a traditional rtt. The Skyloft is a full-featured, heated, offgrid camper/poptop. It is a handcrafted product built with premium materials like carbon fiber and outfitted with high-end components. 

Expect the price and amenities to be more in-line with what you’d find when shopping for a well-made teardrop trailer.

We have not set a release date yet but hope to open a waitlist in the coming months. We are a small startup navigating high demand. We want to be sure we grow our business in a sustainable way while delivering top-tier products and customer service. Stay tuned.

We sell factory-direct from our shop in Longmont, Colorado. Shipping outside the US can be arranged by the buyer.

We may explore working with dealers as we grow, but not at this time.

The Skyloft is larger than any other wedge-style rooftop camper on the market and is intended for vans, full size trucks, some adventure trailers, and some full size SUVs with an appropriate roof load rating (be sure to check your vehicle manual). It is too large for midsize vehicles like the Toyota 4Runner or Subaru Outback. 

The Skyloft is 110" long x 60" wide by 11" tall when closed. The interior is 65" tall at the highest point when open. The included mattress is in-between a full and a queen.

Short answer: 330lbs

Long answer: The weight of the Skyloft includes all the amenities like batteries, heater, lights, solar, etc. and also includes the weight of the integrated roof rack. Many overland setups reach this weight and beyond when installing an 80+lb rack plus the weight of a 200lb rtt plus the weight of any aftermarket accessories or DIY add-ons. We take a holistic approach by including everything in one seamless, fully integrated unit.

In a van application, many of the systems can go down below, reducing the weight of the Skyloft to sub-300lbs.


Not at this time. This could change as we grow.

It's all about weight and strength. The Redtail Skyloft is not a simple rtt. It is a full featured rooftop camper offering the security and amenities of a hard-sided trailer, similar to a teardrop. The weight of hard walls, double pane windows, insulation and features like integrated batteries, heater, lighting, wiring, etc. adds up quickly. Any material other than carbon fiber for the shell would be too heavy to allow all these features and remain viable as a rooftop camper. Carbon Fiber is featherlight, extremely strong, and allows us to keep the total weight of the Skyloft in check.